2019 BMW X2 20i sDrive Review; Fuel Economy Test

Friday, May 3rd, 2019 - BMW

Cousin of the X1, the new 2019 BMW X2 20i sDrive arrives to satisfy those who seek an exquisite styling and distinction. Will it have arguments to justify its higher price?

Under the UKL platform, that of BMW that allows versions of front traction and layout of the transverse front motor just landed in our market a new SUV called X2 of identical battle but with a length 8 centimeters lower than the BMW X1. The version that we have tested, X2 20i sDrive (in the link you can see prices and technical data), is propelled by the well-known and solvent engine of 2 liters of petrol with a power level of 192 hp.

2019 BMW X2 20i sDrive Specs & Transmission

Associated with this version comes in the 2019 BMW X2 20i sDrive an automatic double clutch of 7 speeds and Getrag origin, which stands out for its speed of response, but not so much in operation smoothness when compared with the change of converter that can mount the Diesel versions. This automatic change of 7 gears has an inertial function, which results in a significant reduction in consumption. Of the presentational level that allows this combination of engine and change there is nothing to object, with acceleration figures that solve without problems any maneuver of overtaking with an astonishing facility.

By behavior, the new BMW X2 is characterized by its nobility of reactions and good general balance – it helps in good measure the adaptive suspension that optionally mounts this unit-but loses some essence BMW to become a character vehicle Less sporty. Just by selecting the Sports mode you can see a set-up of the suspension aimed at enjoying a live drive.

In relation to the cockpit, it stands out for a good quality of finishes and excellent presentation, but it is no reference in terms of use as it loses with the X1 both longitudinal space for the legs-we measure a discrete 70 cm in the squares Rear-like capacity of trunk-375 liters compared to 400 liters without counting the additional space under the floor. One detail that differentiates it is the driving position, lower than usual in an SUV approaching a tourism.

2019 BMW X2 20i sDrive Release Date and MSRP

2019 BMW X2 20i sDrive Consumption

No doubt, and contrary to what can be assumed of an SUV with engine 2 litres of petrol and automatic change, the actual consumption of this New BMW X2 20i sDrive is not particularly high, rather the opposite, with a record of 5.7 L/100 km on our road trip to u Average of 100 km/h. It is true that in urban use the figure amounts to 8.5 l/100 km, but it is also that in combined use, without taking special care with the accelerator, complies with average consumption figures below 8 L/100 km. This propeller is an example of efficiency, which helped a good management of automatic change allows a relationship between dynamic performance and consumption of outstanding.

Something negative? For purists, which is front-wheel drive; In general, your starting price is not reduced: €40,650 with a basic level of equipment.

2019 BMW X2 20i sDrive Review; Fuel Economy Test Pictures

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