2019 Jaguar i-Pace Review; 400 Horsepower Electric SUV

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The 2019 Jaguar i-Pace is not only the first electric Jaguar but is also, with its 400 hp, among the most powerful and fast and is one of the few e-SUV on sale. 

I do not know what impressed me the most about the 2019 Jaguar i-Pace, the last electric to reach our hands and the first from Jaguar; if the design of the team that the magician Ian McCallum directs, that of a, to say of the brand, SUV cab-forward inspired by the concept-car CX-75 ; or the punch – literally almost, because when you accelerate your body deep becomes part of the seat for a moment – of its two electric motors. They are one per axle and, in unison, they can deploy 400 HP.

The design of the body of the Jaguar i-Pace is very sporty. Also aerodynamic and broad. The first thing attests its low Cx, 0.29, the suspension able to work to reduce the front surface or the curtain that hides behind the grill, to close the air intake when it is not necessary. The second is achieved thanks to the advancement of the passenger compartment. Thus, in its interior, the best height is the longitudinal: the i-Pace has as much space for the legs as a much larger SUV. And it seems even more if you incorporate the bare banquets -the Performance seats, optional- for the front seats. They occupy little space and effectively hold the body of its occupants up to the shoulder area. However, they do not seem to be made for everyone, because their shape does not adapt well to the highest. However, regulations and margin in these are not lacking.

We miss in this version, one of the most affordable i-Pace, a motorized gate to access a boot of correct capacity, so much that weighs -is large and leaves a large gap: 90 by 106 cm – in its second phase of movement; or that it has a windshield wiper. Also of a system that allows folding the rear seatbacks from the boot, because given how deep it is, it is necessary to go to the “shoulders” of the seats to lower them -and when the asymmetric part has to be raised, we will verify that it is not light at all. And, continuing with the cabin, we note the absence of a curtain for the sunroof or laminated glass, as in the front windows, in the rear windows; in order to better isolate the noise, which is not under which it reaches the occupants by the friction of the wheels. For what this Jaguar cost is to demand a cover for the electrical outlet that fills perfectly with the fin in which it is located or a more subtle dot matrix headlights: it is very noticeable the shutdown of some or other diodes to place the rest of vehicles in the area not illuminated, so much that it suggests that the number of LEDs may not be very high.

2019 Jaguar i-Pace Performance

It is evident the perception of a heavy car that gives the i-Pace in the first bars and, even, it can seem something remiss to leave fired by the initial touch of the accelerator. But that ends once we sink our foot and the engine goes from not hearing to the sound system’s speakers emit – and there’s no way to cancel it – a sound between V8 and starship. Then the world begins to pass very quickly and so large mass for an SUV not too bulky evanesce. At least until we have to stop with his piston calipers and small discs.

Thus, the 2019 Jaguar i-Pace, is capable of rendering to almost any SUV that is put to shot. Another thing is that, with meters ahead, those who improve their weight/power ratio end up surpassing him. Therefore, a Cayenne e-Hybrid has little to do with it, but the same Porsche in S version – a little less powerful, but lighter than the hybrid – is able to subdue the i-Pace. Anyway, there is no doubt that, even on the road, and there are both overtaking figures and its ability to roll very fast on the express roads, it is very fast.

It has a direction not very attended, but precise and a step by the neutral curve and that can be fast, with a balancing of the container body. Now, if the stability control is to intervene, it does so in a curt manner.


Kilowatt to give and give. Although the body is made of aluminum, metal lighter than steel, the 2019 Jaguar i-Pace reaches a mass of 2.2 tons not being very large. This is due to the 600 kilos of batteries that lie between both axes. From here comes the energy that supplies the engines. Its nominal capacity is 90 kWh and the real capacity is 84.7. There is only one battery of so much capacity in other cars that are now commercialized: the Tesla, with 100 kWh.

Jaguar homology an autonomy of 470 km, however, however much the body contributes to moving in the air flow, the 2019 Jaguar i-Pace is not very efficient. It is worrisome an SUV consumption that, in the best of cases, has remained at 20 kW/100 km. Of course, rolling at a constant 90 km / h.

  • Average consumption – 24 kWh / 100 km
  • Maximum consumption – 34 kWh / 100 km
  • Average autonomy – 353 km

Without so much pressure to contain the expense, the normal thing is that we have left the computer at 24 kW / 100 km and, easily, it is above the 27 in a dynamic driving. We have reached, however, the 30 a little that we explore what they give their engines.

For all the above, it will rarely be possible to reach 400 km of autonomy unless we are extremely careful with the accelerator. L or normal will be often somewhat above 300 . This fact is omnipresent in the instrumentation of the 2019 Jaguar i-Pace.

2019 Jaguar i-Pace Dimensions

When the battery has a low charge, a very low operating mode is automatically switched on. Not only reduces the power or response to the accelerator but disconnects systems such as heated seats, air conditioning, thermal steering wheel, multimedia equipment or touch screen. Something similar to what Eco mode does, one of those available with ** Comfort **, the most balanced; and Dynamic, in which all the power to the accelerator is provided and the damping becomes firmer.

SPACEJaguar i-Pace electric 400 HP
Front width146 cm
Rear width138 cm
Front height94/101 cm
Rear height92 cm
Space for legs78 cm
Trunk440 liters


As it could not be otherwise, not only recharging in a plug renews electricity, it also provides electricity regenerative braking. Moving through its information and entertainment screen and the menu My EV can be determined, or a level of retention that allows a certain “sliding” or “sailing” of the 2019 Jaguar i-Pace by easing the pressure on the accelerator; or a strong retention in which, with releasing it, the same speed reduction already occurs as if we had braked. According to Jaguar, that action produces up to 0.4 g. That is why 100 kW appears in the instant recovery indicator, while the brake lights come on. With practice it is possible to drive without touching the brake pedal to the rhythm of traffic, but until we learn we can surprise other drivers. However, in a car born as an electric car and not exactly a low price, we miss so much interaction capacity as that offered by other electric cars with this regenerative braking, usually with steering wheel paddles.

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