2020 Kia ProCeed Review: Better Than Mercedes CLA?

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The 2020 Kia ProCeed and its attractive body Shooting Brake stand out for its dynamic design, select equipment, and mechanical variety. Here you have our first test.

If, as a classic marketing principle says, being first is more important than any other factor, Kia has a lot of won by putting ProCeed, a variant of Ceed with a Shooting Brake structure between a Wagon (family) and a coupé, into play. to understand, that adds to the five-door. Many will remember the proposal launched by Mercedes with his CLA Shooting Brake and with good reason. In fact, they share the same original idea although with the logical differences of execution and engines.

The 2020 Kia ProCeed anticipates the appearance of the Wagon variant, more rational, spacious, and focused on an audience that product specialists identify as fewer design lovers. It does so by picking up the spicy point that was once provided by three-door bodies, such as the original Pro cee’d, which are in sharp regression, both in terms of weight in the market and in terms of number, with the majority of the manufacturers making them disappear from their catalogs.

Like the rest of the Ceed project, the ProCeed is a 100% European car: designed, developed and executed in Europe, the only continent where it will be marketed, and logically it is made from the same modular platform, the K2.

2020 Kia ProCeed Interior

In front of the Kia Ceed, the current ProCeed is a proposal based on a very dynamic design, which gives something more improving functionality of the version that is derived, while retaining comfortable access to the rear seats and adding a trunk of 594 l and shapes Very regular interiors. But it also stands out from the functional Wagon, coming soon, by a stylized body and very low. The 2020 Kia ProCeed rises 1.42 m from the ground, with a length that goes up to 4.60 m in length thanks to the 28 cm increase in the rear overhang, something that does not prevent him from maintaining a balanced image, with no hint of disproportion, but getting a very curved C-pillar that completes the body with some Porsche Panamera inspirations appreciable in the distance -as a comrade commented in the international presentation-. The negative consequence is rear visibility that can be improved.

2020 Kia ProCeed Engine Specs & Equipment

Kia wants to position it as a different car, with an added value compared to the rest of the compact ones. Hence the price and that will only be given in the two most exclusive finishes: GT Line and the GT variant, without room for access variants with basic equipment. Hence, it will have a very sporty image and include remarkable equipment both in terms of comfort and active safety, with an unpaid presence of active lane maintenance systems, signal recognition, driver attention, and emergency braking.

The engines of the 2020 Kia ProCeed are shared with the Ceed. This is: a unique proposal diesel 136 hp, 5.1 l / 100 km average consumption and capable of accelerating in just over 10 seconds to 100 km / h, and three gasoline 120, 140 and 204 hp, available in all cases with manual change -6,1; 6.3 and 7.4 l / 100 km / h of average consumption – and except for the least presentational, optionally available with automatic double clutch transmission, seven ratios and option of manual transmission by means of cams. Logically, the differences in benefits are remarkable. Hence, the time needed to accelerate to 100 km / h goes from the 11.3 s of the 120 hp version and three cylinders to the 9.4 in the 140 and the 7.6 in the GT finish.

2020 Kia ProCeed GT & GT Line

The 2020 Kia ProCeed will be about 2,350 euros more expensive than the equivalent Ceed in terms of engine and equipment, with a price range that begins at 28,750 euros of 1.0 T-GDI of 120 hp. This is 1,000 euros cheaper than 1.4 140 hp T-GDI; 1,800 cheaper than Diesel and is currently favored by a direct promotional discount of almost 3,400 euros in gasoline and 3,250 euros in diesel. The official rate of the GT sports car goes to 33,700 euros with the manual change.

Kia proposes the 2020 Kia ProCeed as a closed equipment car to which the automatic DCT-double-clutch and without decoupling function can be added to stop accelerating- (1,700 euros) and the Premium Pack (2,050 or 2,350 euros the automatic ones, which they also add active cruise control with Stop & Go function) that includes, among other elements, the recognition of pedestrians, heated / ventilated seats for all seats, the motorized gate and the leather upholstery.

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