2020 BMW 330i Review – Gasoline M Sport 3 Series

Monday, April 8th, 2019 - BMW

The decidedly sporty personality of every good BMW is further enhanced by the new 3 Series in the 2020 BMW 330i gasoline version, a saloon with great character.

From its origins, surely we have all recognized the BMW 3 Series as the average sports saloon par excellence and this 7th generation G20 does not intend to be less and yes more. In fact, throughout all these years, such supremacy has been increasingly refuted by a Mercedes C-Class generation after generation much more sporting and I do not know to what extent the “intrusion” of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, with its corresponding longitudinal engine and rear propulsion, has also forced BMW to reclaim its status by strengthening its arguments more than ever.

For this, in Munich, they have worked hard on what is the basis of the new Series 3, the structure of its chassis. The resistance to bending and torsion is key in the dynamic quality and efficiency of a car, essential for a suspension, steering or tire to work as they have been designed in the computer and consequently the desired objectives are met.

2020 BMW 330i Redesign – Solid but Soft

In the case of the new Series 3, the general rigidity is 25 percent higher and up to 50 percent in very specific areas. To all this, BMW has also increased the firmness of the springs of the suspension of series and until 20 percent in the Suspension M and in the optional Adaptive M, this one installed in our unit.

But far from translating this rigidity and firmness into dryness and hardness, the 3 Series adopts new dampers that regulate its displacement as do the springs, adapting its response to road conditions and improving both the behavior and comfort. In addition, thanks to complementary cameras, the compression and extension stops offer a better-cushioned response.

2020 BMW 330i Gasoline Engine Review
Accel. 0-100 km / h5.58 s
Accel. 0-1000 m25.39 s
Overtaking 80-120 km / h in D3.75 s
Loudness 120 km / h69.8 dBA
Loudness 140 km / h71.3 dBA
Braking from 140 km / h75 m
Scale weight1,662 kg

On the other hand, greater use of aluminum in chassis, bodywork and other small structures has reduced the weight to 55 kilos, which also directly influences the dynamic efficiency. In any case, I suspect that the biggest beneficiaries will be the Series 3 with the suspension of series when the salient was signaled by the most demanding drivers for an “improper flexibility” in a BMW, which suggested to mark in the configurator the sports suspension and/or optional adaptive damping.

This does not mean to recommend these specifications in this 2020 BMW 330i, given the huge potential of its engine and in view of the rigorous sporty feel and surprisingly comfortable driver who has transmitted to us, roller very well filtered and damped, also supported in a direction of demotivation variable and a self-blocking, equally optional.

2020 BMW 330i Specs & Fuel Economy

But so much technical theory does not make the new 3 Series unrecognizable but reaffirms that you are before it. Since you look at it, guess what new model it is. And sitting with your eyes closed, you would also know what car you are in. The driving position is undeniably BMW, especially if you are one of those who put on your part to lower the center of gravity a bit more. Legs slightly flexed, inlaid between the door and the wide center console with its short lever of change; clinging to the thick rim of the steering wheel signed by M … everything exudes sportsmanship and a lot of quality.

However, the M Sport finish that you see in the photos does not have little prominence, nor many other options that have led us to add more than in total to also perceive a higher level of sophistication: digital clock frame configurable, screen head up display, central touch control with writing, voice controls and gestures. What has been said, the indoor environment can be as sporty and avant-garde as you want, without neglecting good characteristics of the family saloon for habitability and general liking?

Consumption in the city8.6 l / 100 km
Road consumption6.3 l / 100 km
Average consumption7.2 l / 100 km

Put in motion, it is also a BMW of all life, very updated. There has not been missing that 50/50 percent weight distribution between axes that we have verified in our digital scale, which does not get a Mercedes C Class …. and yes an Alfa Romeo Giulia. The overall feel, from the direction to the suspension, is refined sporting, for that combination of firmness and softness. Even not as exaggerated as a Giulia, the front train transmits lightness and returns you with the little steering wheel and a lot of fast directionality (we have also found 19-inch wheels with wider tire width behind), so you feel you can drive it alone based on direction, no matter how the curves are twisted.

But the rear train also has, if you want, much prominence. Gas-based, you also feel the directionality of a rear axle intervened by the auto locate that takes you to baste the more closed corners with a huge feeling of “good piloting”. It is a very lively, temperamental car if necessary, not radical eye, but very sporty sensations, where you live the curve step with greater intensity than in an Audi A4 and in the line of a Giulia.

The adaptive damping M allows you to choose different tornados according to the driving modes: you have Comfort and Sport, as well as ECO Pro, Adaptative, Sport + and two singles. The footprint in Sport is a very solid, very sporty car, but also offers in Comfort patching of high quality. You feel that it is compressed and extended with a lot of control and does not react with dryness or violence. If in closed paths you appreciate its precision, on the highway its comfort is also very remarkable … and precise at very high speed, without such a demanding direction in a straight line like that of the Alfa.


The engine of this 2020 BMW 330i also has a double side, marked by the softness and virulence of its 258 HP. It is a 2.0 Turbo 4-cylinder exceptional in every way. It pushes with desire from idle and scale without inflections until practically touching the 7,000 rpm. The Steptronic change adds to the set again softness and reactivity, forming a spectacular whole. The timed performances are exceptional, but the user experience is even better in any situation.

In average marches, it is enough to turn it at a little more than 1,000 rpm to gain speed quickly and the feeling is that it always pushes a lot at any time. Its 8th is very outer, vent the engine below 2,000 rpm rolling at 120 km / h. And in his most traveling side, taking advantage of the ECO Pro mode, the change is decoupled to sail. You can be amazed by means in average kilometers around 6/7 liters, but also double them to little if you want to savor the immense glue of your engine, which together with the chassis, make the 3 Series a potentially sporting saloon.

2020 BMW 330i Review – Gasoline M Sport 3 Series Pictures

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