2020 BMW 8 Series – Supercar Release Date & Price

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Countdown to the premiere of the 2020 BMW 8 series, the next big exclusive car of the German brand that will stand out for its level of luxury and sportsmanship.

The most exclusive range of BMW cars is again news, in this case, with some leaked photos of what will be the interior of its next big launch: The BMW Series 8.

Wilcoblok’s Instagram account has filtered the first images of which New BMW 8 series convertible can be. According to these first photos, you can appreciate a cockpit with all the luxury of details, with the dominant red color that could anticipate a sport version of the type 850i convertible with pack M sport.

The entire central area of the console, from top to bottom, is dominated by a digitally designed tactile surface that integrates both the multimedia system screen and other series of commands and functions that do not include conventional buttons. They are all activated by approximation of one of the driver’s or companion’s fingers.

According to the latest information, before summer begins we will know the definitive images and much of the technical data of this expected and desired BMW Series 8 2020, the new flagship of the Bavarian firm alongside the BMW Series 7.

2020 BMW 8  Series – Three Supercars in one

A few weeks ago, we could confirm that BMW was finishing the start of the new series 8, the new great vehicle of the most exclusive segment of the car that could be marketed in three variants of bodywork: Coupe, Convertible ( Convertible) and saloon with tinted coupe (Grand Series 8 coupe)..

BMW has also been able to confirm that the new BMW 8 Coupe series has been developing parallel to the sporty M8 and the BMW M8 GTE racing car. In the case of the development of the no less bestial BMW M8, this model has also been able to squeeze in the Nürburgring circuit, where the tests will continue over the next few months to continue its evolution and improvement.

As for the definitive design of the 2020 BMW 8 series, we can advance that will have quite similarities with the prototype Series 8 concept presented in last year’s edition of the Elegance Contest of Villa D’Este. Its strong aesthetic personality will be well marked with a long bonnet, a low-rise bodywork and a harmonious mix of aerodynamic and futuristic lines that strengthen the sensation of movement even if the car is stopped.

2020 BMW 8 Series – Supercar Release Date & Price Pictures

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