2020 Ford Mondeo vs New VW Passat; Tight!

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Two of the berlinas of reference, the 2020 Ford Mondeo and the Volkswagen Passat, premiere renovation before the end of the year. New engines, more technology, space… which will be better?

Practically no introductions. The Ford Mondeo is, without a doubt, one of the major saloons of reference, originally launched on the market in 1993 and which, at present, looks on the road which is its 5th generation. The Volkswagen Passat, meanwhile, doubles bet: Aspirational among those looking for a generalist saloon, takes no less than 45 years between us (was released in 1973) and its current model represents the 8th generation. Both, they share, a fact: Their current models were released at the same time, in the year 2014.

It is not surprising, therefore, that both Ford Mondeo and Volkswagen Passat now coincide also in their renovations: both should reach the market at the end of 2018 (possibly after presentation at the next salon in Paris in October). And important will be that they do well, because the two berlinas will have this time in front a new battalion of new and very advanced models in the segment: from the Mazda 6 2018 Al, especially, new Peugeot 508. The comparison is served.

2020 Ford Mondeo; Available at USA

We start with the Brougham that is already official… at least in North America. Yes, because in the past salon in new York we were able to see live for the first time the new Ford Fusion 2020 or, which is the same, the Ford Mondeo that will then arrive in Europe. It is already a tradition in the brand that first premieres on the other side of the Atlantic and takes a few months to see the old continent.

Without representing a new generation, but a restyling of the current 5th, the Ford Mondeo 2020 will offer a light aesthetic update, which affects grill, optical groups, pilots, coatings, colors, upholstery and even new tire options. However, its true evolution will come in technology, both in terms of connectivity and security.

In fact, the new Ford Mondeo 2020 will be the first global brand vehicle that, as standard equipment, already offer the amazing new package CoPilot360 Assist: A new project undertaken by Ford to reduce road accidents in their cars and will reach to the full range. Under this system, the new Mondeo announces from automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, to dead angle or lane change controls, automatic short/long lights, signal recognition, rear cameras or even and depending on Already finished, to an innovative intelligent cruise control with stop and start function, and safety distance maintenance.

That’s about security, because in terms of entertainment and connectivity the new Ford Mondeo will adopt the new SYNC3 system with touch screen up to 8 inches in series, with 4g LTE Ingreado modem and WiFi for up to 10 devices. A whole deployment that will join the new Ford + Alexa application or partnership with Waze to receive traffic alerts in real time.

At the margin of technology and equipment, the new Ford Mondeo 2020 will continue betting on a dynamic behavior of the first order, which now accompanies new engines. Focusing almost the entire range on gasoline and hybrid, the sedan will adopt as the central nucleus of its offer the new engine 1.5 EcoBoost, now with 3 cylinders and system of deactivation of 1 cylinder when it is not necessary: it could cover powers of between 150 and 200 Hp. Meanwhile, as a hybrid it will debut plug-in variant (at least in the United States, where it was already offered), according to the brand with gasoline Engine 2.0 and an electric propellant: will improve its performance by 20%, with more electric autonomy.

2020 VW Passat; New Features

If powerful will be the arrival of the new Ford Mondeo, the renovation of the Volkswagen Passat also promises significant improvements. Originally planned for autumn this year, as confirmed by our German colleagues in Auto Motor und Sport, has been the company’s CEO, Herbert Diess, who announced: “The next big novelty of VW will be the Passat.” Soon after, we aim, the VW Golf 2019 will also arrive.

But to what we are going, the new Volkswagen Passat, being also like the Mondeo a restyling and not a new generation, will have important novelties. Aesthetically, without suffering a revolution, it will have an update that involves adopting the new grill of the upper sedan Arteon, giving a more powerful and aggressive image.

Available since its release both in sedan version and Family Variant, the new Volkswagen Passat will offer a much improved interior and, like the Ford, with a great technological load. Betting already on the new multimedia systems and the biggest screens premiered both in the last Golf and in the Arton itself, the Passat 2020 will also have a digital instrumentation with a clear greater protagonism and more possibilities of configuration.

With the latest in brand connectivity, it seems that here the Ford Mondeo will take something the front of the Passat, as well as the safety Equipment series. Of course, from Germany we are informed that the new Volkswagen sedan will debut gadgets and services never seen in its general segment, as the possibility of offering automatic parking through a mobile application. Where it does not seem to change that the Mondeo can “drive” the tooth to the Passat is in its reputed functionality. No big changes are expected in which it is one of the most spacious saloons and with more trunk of its kind.

Derived from the MQB modular platform, the Volkswagen Passat 2020 will provide few changes at the dynamic level (it is still a very light, comfortable and agile sedan) and some mechanical novelties. The offer of engines could already include the new 1.5 TSI ACT EVO with system of deactivation of cylinders, in variant of 130 and 150 HP, which will undoubtedly lead a great duel with the engine 1.5 Ecboost of 3 cylinders of the Mondeo: which will win the departure of the performance? The weight, no doubt, will be a ballast for the Ford. Next to them, and some higher TSI with between 180 and 200 hp, the PASSAT will continue to bet on Diesel blocks 1.6 and 2.0 TDI.

The biggest novelties could come in their hybrid versions, because, as we told you a few days ago, Volkswagen plans to incorporate in their new models (it is to see if following the new Golf or already in this Passat) the new versions micro-hybrid with technology 48v, less expensive and with clear advantages in consumption. In addition, the current plug-in hybrid GTE will continue to have prominence, putting another great duel with the Mondeo on the road. The confrontation, no doubt, promises.

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