2020 Mazda 3 Redesign and Changes

The 2020 Mazda 3 is one of the great future bets of the Japanese firm. On the Internet, the first images that show an attractive, modern interior with a predominance of digital technology have already been filtered.

Next year, one of the great novelties in the car panorama will be the 2020 Mazda 3, the new generation of the C-segment compact of the Japanese firm.

A few days ago, I overtook you the initial details of the expected and promising 2020 Mazda 3 and, now, we advance you the first images that have been filtered on the Internet by the website China PCAuto. According to these first images, a dashboard of instrumentation is shown in entirely digital design that can be offered at least with two types of configurations.

The first of these New Mazda 3 digital instrumentation Board configurations include a large dial with the tachometer and speed figure in the middle. This information is flanked on the sides by two clocks or spheres that show the ambient temperature and water temperature of the radiator.

On the other hand and as can be seen in the first images filtered, the second type of configuration of the digital instrumentation Board of New Mazda 3presents two large spheres with the speed of travel at that time and fuel consumption.

The rest of the aspect of the interior that is hinted at in these filtered images shows a steering wheel that doesn’t change much of the design, just like the buttons integrated into it. And it is that the greatest revolution of 2020 Mazda 3 is in its technical genes, whose main keys we advance you briefly.

2020 Mazda 3 – The first MAZDA with SKYACTIV-X engine

In days gone by, we could confirm that the Mazda 3 2020 will incorporate the revolutionary SkyActiv-X engine, the first petrol engine capable of “running like a Diesel”. More specifically, this revolutionary Skyactiv-X propellant introduces the spark-controlled compression ignition method (Spcci).

According to Mazda, the performance of the Skyactiv-X and its use of the fuel could match the current Skyactiv-D, its Diesel engine. Consequently, its new proprietary combustion system manages to improve efficiency between 20 and 30 percent with respect to current Skyactiv-G gasoline.

According to sources consulted by Autopista.es, the first version of the SkyActiv-X engine of the Mazda3 2020 will be a four-cylinder 2.0 supercharged per compressor and equipped with the aforementioned spark-controlled compression ignition system (SPCCI), with an Estimated power output of about 190 hp and a maximum torque of 230 Nm.

As for the exterior design of Mazda3 2020, most likely much of its aesthetic style will inherit many of the features advanced by the spectacular Kai concept prototype, shown both in the Tokyo-2017 show and in the most recent Geneva Hall 2018.

What is Skyactive-X Engine?

Mazda wants to revolutionize the petrol engines in a hurry, after presenting its Skyactiv-X already works on the Skyactiv-3 of EEI very low emissions.

Last summer Mazda shook the foundations of mechanical engineering announcing for 2019 the release of the family Skyactiv-X, a petrol engine that can run without the spark, for which announces consumptions to the height of the diesel more saver and with a Reduced level of pollutant emissions. You can see all the details of this new generation of engines that we have already tested here. But it gives the impression that its agreements with Toyota are accelerating to the maximum all its development plans and now it is just known that Mazda already works in the third generation of its Skyactiv technology, which would give a more twist to the efficiency of the engines of Gasoline.

The current Mazda Skyactiv-G, despite being very advanced, offers a thermal performance of 27 percent, while the most thermally efficient combustion engines used today are installed in the Formula 1 Momo seats and reach a 50 per Percent efficiency. Well, according to the data handled by the Japanese constructor, the future engines Mazda Skyactiv-3 will achieve a thermal performance of more than 56 percent, so that they would be the most efficient in harnessing the energy of everything that has been known until Now.

Optimizedthe losses generated by high temperatures or friction between parts. Thanks to all this, Mazda hopes that the CO2 emissions levels of this third generation fall by 25% compared to what is generated by its current petrol engines. These figures have led Mitsuo Hitomi, the head of Mazda’s engine division, to compare the results of the Skyactiv-3 with carbon dioxide emissions emitted by producing the electricity needed to load an electric vehicle.

MAZDA SKYACTIV-3: As clean as an electric?

This comparison has already unleashed the first controversy over the matter since the problem with that calculation is that it seems to forget that there are a wide variety of ways to produce electricity and are procedures that generate very different amounts of CO2. For example, the electrical energy obtained from renewable sources would be much cleaner than that achieved with a coal-based power plant.


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