2020 Mitsubishi ASX Review: Affordable and Interesting

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2020 Mitsubishi ASX | While waiting for the arrival of its new generation, the Mitsubishi ASX becomes an even more interesting SUV. Apparent, simple and correctly oriented to the simple daily routine, we test and measure it.

Far is the year 2010, when Mitsubishi entered with the ASX in the battle of the compact SUV proposed by the first Nissan Qashqai. So, there were very few rivals in the segment and not like today, with fierce competition. Since then, in 2013 and in 2017, the ASX experienced timely improvements, until last year when the brand decided to redefine its mechanical range.

2020 Mitsubishi ASX Price Start From $19,000

Thus, the Mitsubishi ASX has adjusted its range in this year 2019, to undergo and approve the new protocol of homologation WLTP on exhaust emissions. And this is the Mitsubishi ASX that you can buy during all these months that come until, at the end of the year or the beginning of 2020, your new generation arrives in the market that we just met at the last Geneva Motor Show: know here what it will be like the 2020 Mitsubishi ASX.

It is a good time, therefore, to find a good offer for the current Mitsubishi ASX while it runs out of its days and units in the market. In fact, the new SUV, which since this year has been reduced to a single gasoline engine, with manual transmission and always front-wheel drive , has a price of between $19,328and $24,722, depending on the finish and thanks to the official promotional discount applied between $4800 and $5000 that we see these days.


But for that price, what does the Mitsubishi ASX offer at this point? Throughout this journey, the Japanese SUV has been gaining centimeters (from the initial 4.29 meters has now measured 4.37 meters ) and to some extent also packaging, while it has been losing mechanical plurality. For this year, as we have advanced, the range is composed exclusively of this 160 MPI version, which continues to make good an atmospheric 1.6-liter indirect gasoline engine with 117 hp, linked only to a 4×2 transmission with 5-speed manual transmission.

BENEFITSMitsubishi ASX 160 MPI 117 PS
Accel. 0-60 km / h4.63 s
Accel. 0-100 km / h10.84 s
Overtaking 80-120 km / h14,37 s
Loudness at idle50 dB
Loudness 100 km / h67.6 dB
Braking from 100 km / h38.8 m
Scale weight1,306 kg

As things stand, the Mitsubishi ASX has significantly reduced its range of action, but where it comes or specializes may be the best possible option. Its mechanics is, first of all, pleasant. In addition, when the evolution of the cars has brought centimeters but also kilos, one of the characteristics of the ASX has always been its weight content and here it comes that its driving feels light and its engine 1.6 MPI fully solvent and chord for whom its gritty routine be the streets the avenues and even the circuits of circumvallation.

There, in all these environments, the 2020 Mitsubishi ASX develops with pleasure and agility, and its gasoline consumption is proportionate. It is true that in the face of the proliferation of sophisticated turbo engines, this SUV perhaps loses its ability to drive, as well as its simple atmospheric engine seems reliable, long-lived and very cheap to maintain , and even, in any case, it assumes the road with solvency, with perhaps fair benefits for the most extreme family and dynamic approach, but also with the benefits of good general behavior and equipment available.

CONSUMPTIONMitsubishi ASX 160 MPI 117 PS
Consumption in the city7.8 l / 100 km
Road consumption6.4 l / 100 km
Average consumption7.0 l / 100 km


In this sense, a good option we believe is already its basic finish Challenge, which is interesting for its product/price ratio and proposing a lot of cars together for little money. The latest trends in connectivity are not lacking in this SUV and it is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, while its size is not small and for interior space and habitability, we would say that it is located today among the B segments (which may represent Seat Arona or Renault Captur) and C (that of the Nissan Qashqai or the Peugeot 3008).

In short, and as a summary, we can say that this 2020 Mitsubishi ASX 160 MPI loses competitiveness if we go assiduously on the road, but the short urban route fits very well and, for its price, like few SUV of its size. Beyond that, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is already in the mark, an ASX “more and better”, and that in reality right now it would be its logical evolution.

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