2020 Skoda Vision RS Hybrid SUV: Specs, Interior, Horsepower

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The 2020 Skoda Vision RS, the prototype that will give rise to the new generation of the Spaceback, launches a sporty and efficient hybrid system with a total power of 245 HP and an average level of emissions of only 33 g / km of CO2.

The Skoda Vision RS will be the prototype on which the new generation of Spaceback will be developed, the new compact of the Czech firm of the Volkswagen Group. The premiere of this concept car will take place in the next Salon de Paris , but before its debut we have already been able to know a great part of its technical characteristics.

2020 Skoda Vision RS Engine; Hybrid SUV

With the Vision RS, Skoda develops a new plug-in hybrid system that will undoubtedly be implemented in several production models. In the case of this concept, the total power of the hybrid system is 180 kW (245 hp) and in its bowels, we find a gasoline engine 1.5 TSI 110 kW (150 hp) and a 75 kW electric motor (102 Hp). The announced features are those of a compact sports car, with an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 7.1 seconds and a recovery of 80 to 120 km / h in 8.9 seconds.

According to the first efficiency figures that Skoda announces, the Vision RS is able to travel a distance of up to 70 kilometers using only the electricity of its batteries (these, manufactured in lithium-ion and with a capacity of 13 kWh ). To load them, the Czech manufacturer ensures that in two and a half hours the process will be completed if it is connected to a special recharge station, although alternatively it can also be connected to the conventional electricity network. In the motion, with each braking and deceleration, the Vision RS can also recover some electrical energy through the regenerative braking system

With all this, the Skoda Vision RS announces an average level of emissions of only 33 g / km of CO2. With all the data already mentioned above and if this hybrid system is taken as such to production, the future car that can incorporate it will have the ZERO label of the DGT.

The hybrid system is not the only efficient component in the Skoda Vision RS. Its white paint from the outside consists of three layers of special organic components that reflect the heat to reduce the interior temperature.

Other interesting details in the 2020 Skoda Vision RS are found in the different components made of carbon fiber radiator grille, front and rear spoilers, side mirrors, side skirts, air inlets and outlets, and rear diffuser. The carbon fiber also has its role in the inside. In this case, the origin of the carbon fiber of the passenger compartment is 100% recycled polyester. For its part, the sports steering wheel is also made of an ecological material such as Sensotec, an innovative vegan synthetic fiber that is produced with great care in accordance with the Vinyl Plus Program of the European Union.

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