2020 Audi Q3 Sportback VS BMW X2 2020: Which SUV Coupe is Better?

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The value of a Premium brand is not only the product itself but the huge offer available in its ranges. We face in this comparison the new Audi Q3 Sportback against the BMW X2 in an interesting duel of SUV models with coupe lines.

From the basic models, a BMW X2 has a somewhat more sporty tuning concerning an X1 than an Audi Q3 Sportback compared to the model from which it derives.

Also the X2 loses much more space and functionality than a Q3 Sportback , always comparing both cars with the models from which they derive, although it is fair to keep in mind that while the X2 is clearly smaller than the X1 – not less than 8 cm less in length and 7 in height—, the Q3 Sportback is 16 mm longer than a Q3 and only 3 cm shorter , therefore, among these compared models there is an important dimensional difference that results in different openings.

But if there is something that would be clear to you after having seen, touched and especially driven both cars is that the BMW SUV is much more coupé in body and soul than the Q3 Sportback.

And it is that one of the most outstanding qualities of the X2 is none other than a very direct connection between car and asphalt, is one of the category SUVs whose dynamic behavior is closer to that of good tourism and, more specifically, with reactions very “Mini”, because not in vain share platform with them.

Audi, from a much more global perspective, offers a vehicle with greater overall balance: it is less agile but clearly more comfortable than the X2—The chassis differences with respect to a normal Q3 reside in the sports suspension and the parametric steering—, it is also a more refined car, and as a coupe it is clearly more familiar.

It not only offers more space inside but also superior functionality – it keeps the rear seats with 13 cm of longitudinal travel – and more load capacity. The comparable versions have superior equipment, have better information and entertainment system or, practically since its launch, it also has engines with ECO badge, although BMW does not lack, much less, fabulous engines.

That new engine that opens the Q3 Sportback in Audi is a second development on the 1.5 TFSi of 150 hp – incorporates 48V technology , reversible alternator and lithium batteries – a level of power that in the case of BMW is covered with a motorization no less singular: another 1.5 liters, but only 3 cylinders, 140 hp and that in the case of the X2 has an infinitely better response than in other Mini or BMW in which I have tested this engine.

They will be the engines in which we will pay attention is this duel, although, and although we have already driven this new version Mild-Hybrid of Audi, we still do not know the specifications and final consumption.

Over time, Audi will also match power levels with its rival, which highlights both its 4-cylinder diesel – 18d, 20d, and 25d, in comparison, more with more punch and also feel more sporty than the equivalent Audi TDI-, as well as the M35i sports car ; from my point of view, the least homogeneous version of BMW is the 20i, while the 45 TFSi of 230 hp Audi signs a very exotic and very dynamic version.

VersionPowerPair ConsumptionEmissionsPrices (euros)
116d SDrive116 hp270 Nm4.1 l / 100 km106 g / km34,200
118d SDrive / Xdrive150 hp350 Nm4.3 / 4.8 s113/125 g / km35,900 / 39,500
118i SDrive140 hp220 Nm5.5 l71100 km125 g / km37,200
20d SDrive190 hp400 Nm4.4 l / 100 km115 g / km42,750
20i XDrive192 hp280 Nm6.5 l / 100 km147 g / km43,300
25d XDrive231 hp450 Nm4.8 l / 100 km127 g / km48,200
M35i306 hp450 Nm6.9 l / 100 km158 g / km58,050


The new 1.5 TFSi Mild-Hybrid will always be linked to an automatic transmission. Now, this technology not only recovers energy, but it also offers a subtle push of 10 seconds of duration at the start and low speed.

In the city, with low demand for acceleration, you will feel more when it stops working than the additional force it provides, although there is no lack of use. In theory, it avoids high peaks of instantaneous consumption at decisive moments, to which we must add the contribution of the cylinder deactivation system at higher speeds.

It is an extremely pleasant engine, with good performance and very low consumption in real driving, but I recognize that I take my hat off to the 18i version of BMW. Only the re-start of the Sopt & Start is somewhat abrupt, although it does not spoil the general pleasure that this propeller seeks that, from very low turns, responds progressively and linearly, and with which you can change rhythm with agility.

In the absence of checking consumptions in our usual circuits, I would bet that they are even lower than those of the Q3, in part, because the Audi model is also a heavier and bulky car.

Audi Q3 Sportback
VersionPowerPairConsumptionEmissions Prices (euros)
35 TFSi150 hp250 Nm6.6130 g / km39,200
45 TFI Quattro S-Tronic230 hp350 Nm8.6 l / 100 km166 gg/km50,660
35 TDi S-Tronic / 35 TDi Quattro150 hp340 Nm5.9 / 6.7 l / 100 km123/144 g / km40,690 / 40,540
40 TDI Quattro S-Tronic190 hp400 Nm7 l / 100 km146 g / km45,350

At the parametric direction of the Q3, you will have to take the thread, although not even with it the Q3 Sportback has a front axle as incisive and fast as that of the X2. This also benefits from a somewhat firmer cushioning and with less breadth of routes, although with worse bumpy quality than its rival, although the Q3 Sportback is not, much less, a slow reaction car. True to its style, it provides a lot of confidence, clean paths, and treatment that dangerously approaches a Q5.

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