Audi Q8 vs BMW X5 2019 – Interior

Audi Q8 vs BMW X5 2019 - Interior

With an impressive design and absolute dynamic capabilities, the large luxury SUVs have become truly gifted. As shown, these new Audi Q8 VS BMW X5.

From sedan representative to SUVs; with sports worthy services or surprising levels of efficiency. So are the Q8 and the X5, the latest in SUVs of Audi and BMW. That is why we face them, knowing that you are wondering why we have not uploaded the familiar Q7to the ring as a rival to the X5 or have waited for the next X6 to measure their strength with the Q8. Also, as we already saw in the individual Q8 test, except for those who need the 7 seats of the Q7 (or the X5), its elegant and sporty design does not diminish the functional balance of a large family SUV. As in the same way, surely the future X6 will not detract from the more sporty or dynamic facet of the new X5.


The technological potential of both is marked by the very level of two brands such as Audi and BMW. And as their latest models, Q8 and X5 represent to a large extent the vanguard on four wheels … those same four wheels that in both models have all the same responsibility. For this, Audi and BMW have put on the road two platforms in which their respective Q8 and X5 can have pneumatic suspension of variable height, the direction in the two axes and, of course, all-wheel drive… and lots of interactive electronics. In addition, tires up to 22 inches; asymmetric tires between axles in the BMW, active rear differentials, anti-rolling systems (this technology, the only one that we have not found in the units tested), dynamically everything is possible and I would say that it is required, and therefore and its great adaptability to all environments seem insurmountable. However, they are also clearly different from each other.

If both have an exquisite quality of rolling and offer the possibility of adapting the touch depending on the chosen driving mode softening or hardening the damping, the BMW always seems more reactive to our movements on the steering wheel. Apart from what contributes to low-speed integral steering in both models (surprising in the most urban maneuvers), with less steering wheel, you perceive better maneuverability and as you gain speed greater agility in the X5. It can be an advantage when you deal with cars that are so big and heavy, but maybe your response is also more artificial. The Q8 is more neutral and for that reason, it seems more transparent of reactions, which does not mean that it feels larger than it is or spectacular. It is the BMW that highlights a clear reactivity from a more incisive front train and here is the surprise, feeling even his footprint so refined or more than the Audi. But also, the X5 does not feel so carefree when we explore its potential. Your quick address can get you to ask for more corrections, before a Q8 that seems unbreakable traced stepping potholes or accelerating fully in full support.


The best general comfort in both is always a constant in any situation, typical of the most exquisite saloon, and in the same way, they have robust skills outside the asphalt. The pneumatic suspensions allow to raise their bodies from the midpoint to 50 mm in the Q8 (90 between the minimum and the maximum) and 40 in the X5 (80 mm between its stops). Both have specific programs to run on different surfaces and automatically adopt the appropriate height and adjust the response of the engine and transmission. There are no reducers in between, but power, free distance to the ground and traction to face great challenges in the field without noticing that you are punishing them … to get back on the road, press the indicated program and feel again that you move in a very fast luxury sports Sedan.

CONSUMPTIONAudi Q8 50 TDI Quattro Tiptronic 286 HPBMW X5 xDrive 30d 265 HP
Consumption in the city9.4 l / 100 km9.1 l / 100 km
Road consumption7.2 l / 100 km7.2 l / 100 km
Average consumption8.1 l / 100 km8.0 l / 100 km

It’s 3.0 Diesel engines are also sources of dynamism and smoothness. It is somewhat more powerful than of the Q8 (286 HP), but it feels more powerful than of the X5 (265 HP). From the very start of the march, the BMW has an immediate and energetic response to the minimum pressure on the accelerator. The Audi, either the result of a few weak turns of your engine or a torque converter of its automatic gearbox with more slippage (or both), has a somewhat lazy start that requires you even large throttle shifts.

In city or traffic jams, the X5 is very pleasant and decisive in its urban role of necessity, just where the Q8 is more uncomfortable, when its technology mild-hybrid (has a reversible alternator that supports with other 16 HP the turn of the diesel engine) and its distinctive ECO could be the best or only choice. Overcome the critical transition of getting moving, the Q8 is impressive by the amount and quality of its thrust, but neither is able to match the fluidity of the X5 on the road. Both models abuse the low speed of their immense engines and soon insert their 8th speed to circulate almost consistently below 2,000 rpm, but while the BMW feels very consistent in that strip, the Audi is continuously resorting to one or two reductions if the traffic or orography slows us down. In these environments, the Q8 “mild-hybrid” also puts its emphasis on ecology.

The changes of both models are uncoupled in certain situations to move at times by their own inertia, but only the Audi can get to turn off its diesel engine to run momentarily with zero fuel consumption. The re-start is imperceptible and instantaneous, just like in the city, where your Stop-Start is even more spectacular due to its fast and stealthy operation. In the same way, the Audi Q8 and BMW X5 are spectacular for the rest of security technologies, driving aids, connectivity, and the avant-garde that you feel from your driving positions. In short, they are two SUV that have it all .

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Audi Q8 vs BMW X5 2019 – Interior Pictures

Audi Q8 vs BMW X5 2019 - InteriorAudi Q8 vs BMW X5 2019 - The Luxury SUV Battle