Bentley Bentayga Speed: Serious Challenger of Urus SUV

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The new Bentley Bentayga Speed has the honor of being the fastest SUV in the world when the British firm announces a maximum speed of 305 km/h. Here you have all your data.

The new target radars DGT called “Bentayga Speed”, the new sporty high -performance version of the SUV of a British firm that will debut soon at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 (from 5 to 17 March in the Swiss city ).

According to the official statement published by Bentley, the new Bentayga Speed is capable of reaching 305 km / h of maximum speed, thus establishing a new maximum speed record in the SUV segment. The new record of the Bentayga Speed pulverizes the previously established by the Lamborghini Urus ( 304 km/h had obtained the Italian SUV).

To be able to reach such speed, the new  Bentayga Speed goes on to incorporate an optimized version of the stratospheric gasoline engine 6.0 W12 biturbo , which now passes to yield 635 HP of power and 900 Nm of maximum torque (27 Hp more and the same data of maximum torque compared to the W12 version that is also commercialized).

In order to offer the most brutal features, the Bentley Bentayga Speed chassis has a series of modifications. In this way, its sportier driving style – the Sport – , has been recalibrated with a faster and more energetic response of its engine and its eight-speed automatic transmission , in addition to a firmer suspension and an update of its Dynamic system Ride (a technology with active and electronic control that minimizes the possible balancing of the bodywork).
The exhaust line has also undergone changes in the Bentley Bentayga Speed, while in the braking chapter are going to incorporate optional ceramic discs of enormous size (the largest ever installed in a Bentley, as claimed by the British brand ).

Bentley Bentayga Speed Exterior & Interior

A design level in the outside the Bentley Bentayga Speed wears a number of distinctive elements, such as the slightly darkened headlamps, radiator grille and bumper new bill, alloy wheels of 22 inch diameter , new side skirts in body, a small and discreet new wing in the rear area and the distinctive “Speed” in very strategic areas of the body.

The interior of the Bentley Bentayga Speed also presents an image of great personality, combining high-quality materials such as Alcantara fabric, leather and carbon fiber. The padded upholstery of their seats and the logo with the word “Speed” clearly visible on the door sills, backs of the seats and right area of the dashboard are not unnoticed either.

Bentley Bentayga Speed: Serious Challenger of Urus SUV Pictures

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