Opel Mokka X 2020; Hybrid, Platform, Release Date

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New data about the Opel Mokka X 2020, second generation of the SUV Opel Mokka X, which will become official in 2020 and will share genes with models of the PSA group as the Peugeot 208, 2008 and new Opel Corsa.

Synergies, synergies and synergies. If a few days ago we confirmed that the new generation of the Opel Corsa will already have genes shared with other models of the PSA group, such as the new Peugeot 208, 2008 and DS 3 Crossback, now another generation of a model of Opel, the Mokka X, also share the same plat Technical Aforma for small cars of the French automotive giant.

Specifically, the Opel Mokka X to debut in 2020 – will do it a few months after the new Opel Corsa-will be manufactured under the methods of production of small and compact car platforms CMP or EMP1. According to the latest information, the second generation of this Súperventas SUV – is one of the 10 best-selling models in the SUV segment in Spain – will slightly increase its external length to 4.31 m (3 cm more than now), thus being halfway Between the Opel Crossland X (4.21 m long) and the Opel Grandland X (4.47 m long). For its part, the wheelbase will also increase slightly, a key fact that together with the redesign of the interior will lead to a cockpit with more space available for both occupants and the loading of the trunk.

Halfway, therefore, between the urban or small SUV and compact SUV and Medium, two of the hardest rivals to be faced by the Opel Mokka X 2020 will be the Honda Hr-V and Toyota C-hr.

Opel Mokka X 2020 Redesign; Stunning

These new details of the second generation of the Opel Mokka X coincide just with the publication of new spy images of this SUV in its development in the most extreme conditions. At the moment, no official images are available of what this second installment will be, but our illustrator Schulte has elaborated some very approximate recreations of how the Mokka X 2020 could be (see photo gallery).

Another of the technical keys of the second generation of the Opel Mokka X is its step forward in terms of efficiency, using a lighter technical platform that will result in a descent around 100 kg according to versions of the model that is currently Marketing.

With respect to engines, the future Opel Mokka X 2020 will have the best and most advanced mechanical matter of the PSA group. In the supply of gasoline, the base will remain the new evolutions and versions of the block of three cylinders 1.2 PureTech, while in Diesel the new 1.5 BlueHDi will be the backbone. Sharing genes with his “brother” Opel Corsa, hopefully, the new Mokka X can have a hundred-percent electric version that could hover around 400 km of autonomy.

Opel Mokka X 2020; Hybrid, Platform, Release Date Pictures

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