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Whoever works with a commercial vehicle knows better than anyone the importance of saving. If, in addition, we add the advantages of the ECO label, the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi TGI is presented as one of the best options.

Beneficial in emissions and price, CNG (compressed natural gas) is an even more interesting fuel for the professional, where the cost per kilometer and the ECO label can be paramount. The Volkswagen Group’s commitment to CNG – compressed natural gas – goes very seriously. Audi, Seat, Skoda and the own Volkswagen offer not a few of their cars adapted to this type of fuel, cheap and ecological, as well as this interesting Caddy Maxi.

As in the other CNG models of the Group, the adaptation is as simple as, in general terms, to mount a second tank for the gas and to adjust the power supply system of the engine, in this case a 1.4 TSI of 110 HP, to be able to work interchangeably with gas or gasoline, although by default it always works with CNG while it is in its tank.

In the Caddy Maxi 1.4 TGI you find the same good operating sensations and, above all, the same performance benefits as in the rest of CNG models: superb consumption in city and highway (significantly below the equivalent Diesel) and that at the price of gas (€ 0.99 / kg), it seems irresistible.

in addition, the Caddy Maxi already has the solution that “we have been asking for” for the León, Golf, Octavia, A5, and company: a gas tank that doubles the capacity of these (can store up to 34 kilos of CNG), in logical detriment of a gas tank of only 13 liters … as a reserve. In this way, the Caddy Maxi TGI has a realistic autonomy en route with CNG of more than 700 kilometers, to which we should add about 180 that offers the “reserve” of gasoline.

For the rest, the Caddy Maxi TGI offers as many possibilities for a family car as it does for a job: in this case, 5 seats (there is a configuration of 7) and an immense load area separated by a partition. The 110 Hp is balanced and capable for the mixed use of this version, taking into account the weight of the load that passengers or packages can carry the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi.

Volkswagen Caddy Maxi TGI – Benefit

One of the great advantages of the commercial is its ECO label, which allows it to circulate in restricted urban areas and on days of high pollution, in addition to its corresponding discounts in SER parking areas and tolls. By price, performance and CNG emissions, the Caddy TGI has the lowest costs per kilometer of the range.

As for its autonomy, its gas tank of 34 kilos (more than double than other CNG models of the Group) has allowed us to obtain a real average autonomy with the gas of more than 700 km; to which it adds an average autonomy with its 13 liters of gasoline close to 180 kilometers.

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